Binance suspended one of the accounts after news of a new hack

After numerous complaints by a large trader on the Binance digital platform, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trading volumes, the platform made the decision to suspend the account of the famous trader.

According to the news, Binance suspended the trader’s account after complaints were made on Twitter. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said the company does not want to serve “unreasonable” customers.

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance closed the trader’s account after a user complained about the exchange’s response to the alleged theft of funds.

The CEO of the company said that the company does not want to provide its services to insecure customers and therefore we have suspended the account until further notice.
A user by the name of CoinMamba on Twitter began complaining about missing funds on December 8, claiming that a leaked API key linked to cryptocurrency trading firm 3Commas was used to “make trades on low-cap coins to drive up the price to make a profit.”

The trader claimed in a series of tweets that Binance was unable to provide him with the appropriate support, which was reflected in the loss of his funds.

As the user continues to complain on the social media platform, other platforms have admitted that they are considering putting some user accounts out of boarding mode (withdraw only).

The exchanges justified that they did not want to serve insecure people, and the tweet was later deleted but is still available as a screenshot in the message thread. The user’s account was then closed, with three days to withdraw funds.


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