6 restaurants and cafes that accept cryptocurrency

Did you know that you can now use digital currencies to pay for your favorite food and drinks? Among the few merchants who accepted digital currencies at the beginning of this year, restaurants and cafes are currently participating in the digital revolution.

Since the skyrocketing rise of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, there has been widespread concern that all forms of digital currencies will struggle to achieve widespread acceptance. For example, the ability to obtain digital currencies and use them to make payments in a restaurant or cafe. However, contrary to popular belief, cryptocurrency payments can become accepted in a number of restaurants, cafes and other public places.

Do you want to treat yourself to a nice dinner or a hot cup of coffee, here are 6 restaurants and cafes that accept cryptocurrency!

1. McDonald’s (El Salvador)

In El Salvador, you can use cryptocurrency to buy meals. McDonald’s began accepting bitcoin for payment in El Salvador, which was the first country to legalize the first digital currency as legal tender. The American fast food empire that operates in every country now accepts Bitcoin payments through the Lightning Network.

2. Pick n More Café

Through the Mixin network, Bake n More Café lets you enjoy a good cup of coffee and pastries. So leave your wallets at home because you can use cryptocurrencies here.

Customers can use 6 cryptocurrencies to pay for all-day breakfasts, brewed coffee, bagels, baked goods, salads and unique sandwiches at Bake N More.

3. Subway (USA)

Subway was one of the first restaurants to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Customers have been paying for their meals using bitcoin and other currencies since 2013. The company has implemented a payment model gradually, with at least two sites dedicated to cryptocurrency transactions.

4. Bocad Café (United Arab Emirates)

Do you want some Indian street food? Bhukkad Café is a café known for its nostalgic flavors that you can buy with digital currency. Order your food and pay with Bitcoin.

On Saturdays, the café hosts free sessions on financial literacy, the basics of cryptocurrency and investing, as well as guest lectures on digital currency, entrepreneurship, and other topics. For all transactions, this café uses the Bitpay app.

5. Starbucks (USA)

Starbucks is the king of coffee roasters and an American multinational coffee shop chain. It is the largest coffee shop chain in the world, and is credited with introducing the second wave of coffee culture. Instead of paying cash for Starbucks products, Coinsbee now sells Starbucks gift cards. On this platform, you can use cryptocurrencies like bitcoin etc instead of cash

6. Beirut Café (United Arab Emirates)

Beirut Café now accepts cryptocurrency payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. Visitors can scan the barcode to pay securely with their digital wallet. The elegant restaurant/cafe serves authentic Lebanese cuisine while overlooking the Burj Khalifa. For a hearty breakfast, Shanklish, mini manakish, halawa, and more, or head there for a delicious lunch and dinner.


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